blue angels

The Blue Angels – A History in the Making (Part 1)

If you’ve ever seen the Blue Angels perform, you know just how amazing they are. Many of us attended air shows as children and did little more than stand in awe of the incredible ability of the pilots – and their aircraft – that comprise the team. 2016 marks the 70th anniversary of the Blue […]

The Blue Angels – A History in the Making (Part 2)

Welcome back to our blog mini-series on the Blue Angels! In our last article we looked at how and when the Blue Angels came to be. This year they’ll be celebrating their 70th anniversary and that – in conjunction with their visit to Lincoln AND the fact that we love any and all things flight-related […]

Introducing Raisbeck/Hartzell’s NEW Aluminum 4-Blade Swept Propellers

Two and a half years. That’s the amount of time Raisbeck Engineering took to exhaustively evaluate and test five separate swept blade propeller designs for the King Air 350 family. And, what happened at the end of that time? Well, Raisbeck decided to scrap (for the moment) the development of their 5-blade composite propellers and […]

The History of Flight – World War II and Beyond

Advances in aviation and World War II go hand in hand. The aviation industry had a HUGE impact on the war…and the war had a HUGE impact on aviation. How so, you ask? Well, let’s look at the numbers – prior to 1939 (which is when Hitler invaded Poland) there were less than 300 transport […]

Spring is Almost Here – Is Your Plane Ready?

That’s right, we said it – spring is almost here! Soon the snow and sub-zero temperatures will be banished for good (or at least until next winter) and we’ll be on our way to living in Bermuda shorts once again. Spring is also a great time to get your aircraft ready for flying season, and […]

Fun, Fly Facts

The world of flight is a pretty impressive place, wouldn’t you agree? With that in mind, we thought we’d share some “fun facts” that have occurred throughout the years that we’ve found about this industry that we all love so much! – KLM is the world’s oldest airline and was established in 1919. – Qantas […]

Looking to be a Pilot? There’s a Variety of Different Careers to Choose From!

If you’ve been thinking about becoming a pilot for a while now, you’ve probably done your fair share of research into the types careers available to you after you obtain your license. However, if spending your life in the air is something you’ve only recently began to ponder, we’ve compiled a list of some of […]

The History of Nose Art – Part 2

Welcome back! In today’s installment of the History of Nose Art, we’ll explore the most common types of subject matter that nose art was comprised of, as well as how this amazing trend has carried over into the twenty first century. The Subject Matter So, what – exactly – was the subject matter of all […]

The History of Nose Art – Part 1

There are many out there who may know what we mean when we say the words “nose art” but, for those that may be left scratching their head at the term, here’s the definition – “nose art” was that of artwork that was painted on the nose of a plane (hence the term “nose art”). The […]

A Little Bit About Pilot Certification

For those wishing to obtain a pilot certification, it’s important to note that there is more than one type of certification – and rating – out there. It’s also important to note that a certification and rating are not the same thing. So, we thought now would be a great time to review the six […]