Ram Air Recovery System (RARS)

file0001061073945Raisbeck’s patented Ram Air Recovery System – available for all of the 200 series King Airs (and standard OEM on the 250’s) – has the ability to maximize the air to the engine inlet, allowing your engine to retain the same level of power regardless of whether or not the ice vanes are deployed. This means that, as you climb through clouds or inclement weather, your aircraft will be able to retain both speed and power. And, with the ice vanes stowed, you’ll experience increases in both speed, power, and fuel efficiency – all of which being able to occur at lower engine temperatures as well.

What Benefits Does the Ram Air Recovery System Provide?
The Raisbeck Ram Air Recovery System provides for a significant improvement in both climb and cruise performance, regardless of ice vane deployment. It also allows for an 18 degree cooler engine ITT at equal torque, as well as an 8% increase in available horsepower. An 8-11% block fuel savings can also be realized with the Ram Air Recovery System is utilized in conjunction with Raisbeck’s EPIC Package – in this instance, ice vanes may be deployed at any time, including taxi and takeoff, when at OATs up to ISA +27 degrees Celsius.

It should be noted that the use of ice vanes – on the ground as well as during takeoff and landing – of aircrafts equipped with RARS minimizes the risk of foreign object damage. It’s for this specific reason that the United States Army has outfitted it’s entire fleet of C12’s with the Raisbeck Ram Air Recovery System.

Technological Benefits
The technological benefits that Ram Air Recovery System are vast, to say the least. Raisbeck developed and tested their system – which utilizes coanda-effect aerodynamics for efficient airflow vectoring – in conjunction with Canadian based Pratt & Whitney. The Ram Air Recovery System is FAA certified for ice-vane deployment – on the ground or in the air – and provides for full inlet plenum sealing via unique, full-body diaphragms.

When used in conjunction with Hartzell/Raisbeck Quiet Turbofan Propellers, THE Ram Air Recovery System is able to achieve maximum performance gains – this is due to the fact that the twist of the propellers extend all the way to the spinner which, in turn, drives high pressure air into the inlet.

EPIC Platinum Package
The Ram Air Recovery System is part of Raisbeck’s EPIC Platinum Package, which is designed to improve efficiency, operational flexibility, performance, safety and comfort of your King Air.

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source: raisbeck.com